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Cooking Method

  • Soak in warm water  for 1/2 hour (cold water for 2 hours). Wash through and squeeze the water out.
  • Add protein along with mushroom pack, bring to boil and turn down the heat. Continue to boild for 30 mins.
  • Add salt and chicken powder and enjoy your soup


Recommond Proteins: SFP Pullets, SFP Roosters, SFP Quails, SFP Silkies, SFP Boilers.

Mushroom Soup Pack | 菌菇汤料包

  • Ingredients: Zhu Sun, Yang Du Jun, Ji Song Rong,  Hou Tou Gu, Dong Gu, Dry Red Dates, Chong Cao Hua, Lu Rong Jun

  • Keep it in dry and cool place.

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