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If you are more likely a quite experienced spicy lover, this hot-pot base is the right one for you.  This degree, in fact, corrisponds to the average spicy tolerance of Szechuanese people, offering the most authentic taste of this cuisine,



  1. Pour 1-1.5L of water(beef/pork bone/chicken stock) into a pot.
  2. Add a bafe of hot-pot base, plus extra chilli, giner and garlic for personal preferences. Bing to boil, and turn down the heat (dont turn the stove off, keep the soup constantly bubbling).
  3. Choose your favourit ingredients, whether they're meat, fish or vegetables and gently place them in the hot soup until perfectly cooked.
  4. Enjoy!

Spicy Hot-pot Soup Base

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    • Ingredients: Rapeseed Oil, Chilli Pepper, Szechuan Pepper, Broad Bean Paste(Chilli Pepper, Broad Bean Kernel, Water, Salt, Wheat), Fermented Soya Bean, Ginger, Garlic, MSG, Salt, Sugar, Spices, Food Flaveors and Fragrances, Disodium 5'-Ribonucleotide.
    • Spicy Degree - 52°C (Highly Spicy)


  • This product contains peanuts, soybean and wheat.

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